ACRP system

First time in Europe - US type of aircraft financing available!

T.A.S. TOP-A-SERVICES LTD. - AIRCRAFT SALES (TAS) by its Finance Department offers various methods of financing aircraft, not only by standard bank loans or leasing systems (see Standard Aircraft Financing), but also through means of unconventional methods of asset based financing (creditworthiness of borrower is secondary - but of course not unimportant!), and - only upon expressed request of borrower - linked to a special TAS created/arranged “Avio Capital Recovery Program” (ACRP).

By this special investment or savings program, the client borrower is enabled to easily reserve or regain the full or part of the price plus cost paid for the aircraft (or: for any huge other luxury mobile or immobile equipment being financed, e.g. yachts, boats, enterprises, (rental) real estates, etc.) within a period of usual 5-12 years or even less time depending on the terms. Important is to own up-front at least 20-50% equity capital (“cash down deposit”) of minimum USD 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand or preferably higher) or even have the full cash price available, but want to reserve (“freeze”) or regain that investment, nevertheless, by using their capital for earning their desired aircraft rather then spending it.

The system does not work with zero down and with too old aircraft (should be model 1980 and up except for demanded Biz-Jets and overhauled Turboprops).

Private buyers (or clubs) without doing a real business earning regular money with the aircraft use, will have to present usually 50% cash down or have a very good standing.

With at least 20-25% (twenty to twenty-five percent) cash self-equity of the total aircraft acquisition cost (=total aircraft base price plus broker fee plus ferry/export/ import/modification /certification plus recovery fee) existing and linked into this ACRP program, your secured aircraft (or yacht) investment could be easily recovered up to 100% and higher without using the risky stock or derivates or any unsecured financial market with its ups & downs.

With the recovery of a part or of the total of the investment after 1-3 years (also pays off an existing balance of a loan), the aircraft can be easily re-newed, updated or replaced, the owner steps up to a more modern or valuable aircraft (higher asset).

Are you curious now ? OK, let’s go to the next step.

How does the system work?


  1. Customer has to acquire the aircraft exclusively through TOP-A-SERVICES Ltd. (TAS) by sending in a conditional “Letter of Intent / or of strong Interest” (LoI) and by further signing an “Aircraft Purchase Order” (based on one or several prior non-binding offers supplied by TAS from the aviation market or from its inventory).
  2. TAS will sell the aircraft to Buyer at ABB - Aircraft Blue Book Retails values (of applicable and valid edition) and by use of calculations or conditions of the actual market or of the valid new factory retail list prices at the time of the purchase.
  3. Customer has to proof in advance his existing self-equity (“cash down”) of minimum USD 100,000.00 (in clean and cleared funds) or his available full cash funds for purchase by means of a confirmed “Bank Evidence of Funds” Letter or by a current original notary signed “Bank Statement” (not older than 3 banking days). ...sorry, system does not work with tire-kickers and actual non-clients just blowing-horn.
  4. Our organisation will facilitate for opening a new program account in the sole name of the customer at a top-100 western bank and upon signing the (asset) “Aircraft Purchase Order” (sales contract), customer immediately transfers by SWIFT wire MT-100 his agreed self-equity amount or full cash (in USD or EUR only) into his own nominated sole signatory account.
  5. The bank controlled investment program will then start on basis of the newly donated account. It takes usually 1-3 years and recovers the borrowed balance or the full a/c purchase price, as per pre-agreement.
  6. Further details are only revealed to selected and approved customers once para. 3 is complied with.
  7. We reserve the right to reject certain applications if their status is unclear, or to change the terms at any time.